Axioma is a fascinating journey that will take us through different stages or dimensions: the zero-size, the point; one-dimensional, the line; two-dimensional, the plane; three-dimensional, volumes; the N scale, complex geometrical forms.

Axioma is a stereoscopic 3D mapping show made of two-dimensional images that have the ability to cause a three-dimensional effect when projected in front view and seen with special lenses, which were given to the public before the show started.

Axioma is an interpretation of geometry as the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the properties of geometrical figures: the point, lines, planes, curves, surfaces, polygons, etc.

Produced by Onionlab
Director: Jordi Pont
Producer: Joel Mestre
Music & Sound design: uunnoo + lko
3D Artist: Mike van der Noordt, Dominic Plaza, Santi Morrison, Andrée Chujutally, Aris Serrallonga.
Dimension 2 artwork by Danny Ivan