Combining space and content is one of our strong points. We have an extensive experience creating interactive and audio-visual content for top-level events and exhibitions, such as World Expos, the Venice Biennale and the Mobile World Congress.


AI_Vectors plays with the artificial intelligence (AI) of the robots and the search for light.

Sala Cinco

Room 5 is an installation for the Spanish Pavilion at World Expo Milano 2015.

World Expo 2012

Onionlab was commissioned to produce several audiovisual pieces for the Spanish Pavilion at Yeosu’s International Exhibition.

Towards Biology

Towards Biology is a piece created in collaboration with Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura for Venice Architecture Biennale.


BMW S5 is a piece created to present the new 5 series model.


Scenarios is an audiovisual installation created for Yota Devices.

Santa Eulalia

3D mapping projection and exhibition for the high-end fashion company Santa Eulalia.