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AV Space Design

Audiovisual space design is the process of designing or defining a space relying heavily on the creation and development of interactive and audiovisual content.

It is a multidisciplinary process that combines architecture, interior design, graphic design, experience and interaction design, multimedia and technology, lighting and audio.

It combines all these disciplines to create multilayered narratives around a theme or topic.

All we need is a physical space and visual storytelling to create environments that communicate to the audience.

1. AV Space Design for Experiences

Audiovisual space design can be limited to a single display or can be expressed in immersive, architecturally integrated environments.

With the rapid onboarding of technology in the public domain, AV space design is media-driven, social, and democratized, with content generated not just by designers and curators, but also by users themselves.

We have been exploring a lot in this field, that immerses the users and makes them interact so they help to create the experience or feel part of it.

Presented By

We collaborated with External Reference and created a stirring experiential retail space. The space was created for the iconic Presented By sneaker brand in the Level Shoes store at the Dubai Mall.

The experiential retail space consists of interactive floor, projection mapping on the walls, visuals on led screens and an infinity room that uses a hologram effect of different sneakers.


Barceló is an immersive installation specifically created for Barceló Sants Hotel. There is a video mapping projected on all the walls of the room, creating an immersive and unique experience.

A custom interactive screen has also been placed in the center of the installation, creating a whole new digital experience, focusing on immersion as the cardinal point.


Immersive interactive installation designed for the Lush SPA in Tokyo to let free the visitor's imagination and creativity with LED lights and colours.

2. AV Space Design at Events

AV space design continues to evolve. It remains a collaborative process and one that demands the balancing of space, object, and information with the deft integration of technology and the role of the audience.

Onionlab worked on a lot of AV space designs at events where we experimented with different cutting edge technology.


It is a creative interactive installation to discover the artist within yourself with LED lights and projection mapping, created for Desigual at Sonar 2019.

The installation consisted of an interactive tunnel and a large interactive canvas.


A series of light installations, made for the SVD app release party. Onionlab was the one coordinating the event and setting the light and laser installations to establish the party's vibe.

We used a laser pool, LED bars and sharpie lights and created an elastic bands’ installation that created an overall eclectic atmosphere.

3. AV design at Top Level Events

We had several opportunities where we designed AV spaces for various World Expos and also for the Venice Biennale.

Sala 5

Sala 5 is an installation created for the Spanish Pavilion at World Expo Milano 2015. Innovation and tradition come together in Sala 5.

Expo Yeosu

Onionlab was commissioned to produce several audiovisual pieces for the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Yeosu 2012 International Exhibition.

We were commissioned to produce several audiovisual pieces focusing on scientific expeditions promoted by the Spanish Government.

Towards Biology

Towards Biology is a piece created in collaboration with Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura for the exhibition “Time, Space, Existence” at Venice Architecture Biennale 2014.