Tech Support – Onionlab
Technical support

At Onionlab, we also offer technical advice to cinema and advertising production companies.

Stage design & Stage design advice

On the one hand, we provide stage design and stage design advice services, as we did in this spot for Audi produced by Garage Films.

Audiovisual content for stages and sets

On the other hand, we also develop audiovisual content for stages and sets.

One example of this is this spot for Hyundai produced by Ice Cream Pictures, for which we generated projection mappings.

In this project we helped to create audiovisual content for SUV Peugeot 2008 commercial.

We projected a cockpit of Peugeot car to highlight its sleek and sophisticated design and to embrace its slogan ‘Driving takes a new dimension.’ Projecting on pepperscrim, a highly transparent and extra-wide metallic scrim, allowed us to create rather magical effect. 

Another example is the new campaign we did for SEPCHO, a cluster focused on promoting technological innovation through the application of photonic technologies.

For this campaign, we provided the audiovisual content and stage design.

Or this spot for Canon produced by Riff Raff Films, where the piano keyboard had to lit up at the same time as the main character played the piano.


Whatever your needs are, at Onionlab we provide advice and supervision to guarantee a technically feasible solution.

Our services

Our services range from technical studies showing how to arrange and set up projectors and LED screens to technical advice for generating images using these devices.