Works – Onionlab


A poetic journey into the heart of a city by collecting data from the urban zone and converting it into a real-time kinetic simulation.

Presented By Riyadh

The design and creation of the AV and digital lighting elements for the new Presented by X Riyadh.

Palacio de la Magdalena

A projection mapping on the façade of the Palacio de la Magdalena that reviews the history of the Menendez Pelayo International University and celebrates its 90th anniversary.

WOW Concept Store

For WOW Concept Store we designed a digital skin that complements and enhances the shopping experience inside a retail space.


A digital dialogue between two parallel futures: a world free of global warming or the devastation of our planet.


A mixed media sculptural piece with projection mapping, created for the UAE Pavilion in the Expo Dubai 2020.


Mapping for the Duomo restaurant at the Edition Hotel in Dubai. Classical paintings turned into digital art, giving a new value to the space.

Presented By Doha

A Presented By shop with the essence of the Qatari desert with sculptural walls with projection mapping and visuals on LED screens.


The audiovisual content for Menasa Emirati Design Platform for the Expo 2020 Dubai.


Superar is an installation of 3D mapping and lights that reflects on the environment and the impact we humans have on our surroundings.

Spain Pavilion

The Spain Pavillion at the Expo 2020 Dubai is dedicated to sustainability in a mix of design, technology, and art creating a uniquely immersive experience.

Totogi Immersive Space

Immersive 360-degree video for the Cloud City stand at the Mobile World Congress2021.

Presented By Dubai

An immersive shop with interactive floor, visuals on led screens, and an experience room that uses a hologram effect of different sneakers.

Paradoxa VR

Paradoxa is a VR video about time travel. It portrays a journey showing different elements from the past, present and our idea of the future.


Immersive interactive installation designed for the Lush SPA in Tokyo to let free the visitor's imagination and creativity with LED lights and colours.