AI_Vectors Installation – Onionlab

AI_Vectors Installation

AI_Vectors is an installation that plays with the artificial intelligence (AI) of the robots and the search for light.

The connection between a laser and the movements of the robotic arms creates geometric patterns of light that flood the space and give rise to an incredible interplay of reflections that heightens the audience’s perception. AI_Vectors was presented at MIRA Digital Arts Festival 2016.

The installation was made possible thanks to the participation of Stäubli, as a technology partner, and the sound design studio Lekkun.


Directed by Jordi Pont
Powered by Stäubli (
Sound Design: lekunn (
Producer: Martí Morató
Developer: Urbez Capablo
3D Artist: Santi Morrison

Special thanks to Josep Maria Serra, the Stäubli crew, MIRA Festival, the Fabra i Coats crew, BAF and the volunteers.