Arrels – Onionlab


Arrels is a performance that revolves around the concept of roots and how they influence our own movements, searching for light and creating their own rhythm.

Are our movements rooted? In which way our roots influence our movements? Arrels, addresses these issues and it is divided in three acts.

In the first act, the performer is forced to follow the movements which are controlled by nature. The second act focuses on the performer struggle to break away, and, in the third act, she finally finds a way to move freely while maintaining her roots.

The performance is absolutely controlled by lights and movements: the lights control the performer’s body, which sometimes tries to escape, confronting the struggle between what is given and what is created by one’s mind and emotions.


Performer: Virgínia Gimeno Folgado
Choreography: Virgínia Gimeno Folgado & Onionlab
Makeup Artist: Lola Martinez
Produced and Directed by Onionlab
Technical Direction: Onionlab

Onionlab Crew
Direction: Aleix Fernandez
Technical direction: Aleix Fernandez
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova
Motion Graphic Designers: Guillermo Patiño, Berta González Díaz
Music and sound design: uunnoo_lab