Barceló – Onionlab


This immersive installation was specifically created for Barceló Sants hotel. It was built in a special and tailored way, in the hotel located within the emblematic train station of Barcelona.


There is a video mapping projection on all the walls of the room, creating an immersive and a unique experience.

A custom interactive screen has also been placed in the center of the installation, creating a whole new digital experience, focusing on immersion as the cardinal point.

This project embodies an incredible sound and visual journey that takes the spectator to another reality, and also invites him to be a participant, to experience interactivity.

Direction: Aleix Fernández
Producers: Melissa Anzola and Laia Alabart
3D Artists: Adam Alsina, Berta González, Melissa Castán, Federico Morrison, Guillermo Patiño, Jerónimo Calderón, Fernando Calvi, Gerard Rubio
Sound design: uunnoo_lab