Climate – Onionlab


Climate is a digital dialogue between two parallel futures: a world free of global warming or the devastation of our planet.

At Onionlab we believe that the modern utopia is living in a world without climate change.

We have developed a narrative that revolves around this paradigm shift with two parallel futures: a Utopia, where light and bright colors are the main elements, and a Dystopia, where adverse climatic elements such as sand and pollution predominate.

Our piece was projected on the facade of the Cathedral of Saint-√Čtienne during the Constellations de Metz festival.

Both scenarios will be projected on the cathedral in opposition, thus shaping a dialogue to raise awareness among viewers and get them to act for a future worth living in.

Onionlab Crew
Director: Jordi Pont, Aleix Fernandez
Art director: Berta Gonzalez
Producer: Sandra Salinas
3D artists and designers: Santiago Morrison, Miquel Donat, Adam Alsina, Federico Morrison
2D Compositing: Gerard Rubio.
Sound design:Unai Lazcano
Recording: Nanami Tsuzuki (Flighgraf) and Onionlab