Edition – Onionlab


Onionlab has designed this project for the ceiling of the Duomo restaurant at the Edition Hotel in Dubai. We adapted different paintings to fit into the large ceiling, giving a new value to the space      

We made three different pieces that deconstructed different classical romantic paintings these were adapted to the space to give a new life as digital art. The names of the three pieces are Volta #001, Volta #002 and Volta #003. Each piece consists of three classic paintings created with a different technique.

Volta #001
This is the first piece where we generate elegant transitions between three different paintings playing with the pixels. This creates an elegant room, where people can enjoy eating in a natural and organic space.

Volta #002
In the second piece, diners can appreciate the projections of three new paintings. Volta #002 is an approach to digitizing watercolors and serves to give dynamism to the transitions.

Volta #003
The third piece is constructed with particles. This gives a sense of digital creation capturing the idea of how contemporary technology and traditional art can coexist in the same reality. 

We worked on this project commissioned by Visto and The Dubai Edition.
Onionlab Crew
Director: Aleix Fernández

Producer: Laia Alabart
3D artists and designers: Berta González, Federico Morrison, Jorge Rivera
Photoshop artist: Emili Ametller
Photographer: Francisco Sierra