Phasing Rain – Onionlab

Phasing Rain

Light and sound immersive installation about global warming created for Luma festival 2019. Co-directed by Onionlab and Xavi Bové Studio with sound design and music by Zinkman.

The objective was to create an immersive installation using water and global warming as a main theme. We radically transformed a subterranean level of one of Binghamton’s brutalist downtown parking garages. Visitors could walk around the installation and perceive the light and music at their own pace. The installation is inspired by a minimalist composer Steven Reich. He used the speech of the priest Brother Walter, who in turn was talking about the flood in Bible and Noah’s Ark to warn society about the possible end of the world due to the Cold War in the 60’s.

Reich used two magnetic tapes to repeat identical loops of the speech in stereo, and with the accidental differences between the speed plays, he explored the spatial experiences on the binaural hearing and the phase shifting.

The installation consisted of 26 LED columns and speakers surrounding the area where the audience could walk through. Each column and speaker was synesthetically linked (visually and acoustically) with an individual drop note, that together took the visitor into an immersive experience. These 26 single water drops evolved into synchronized patterns that shifted to an arpeggio. With phase shifting, it explored a wide spatial experience that suggested perceptual instability as a metaphor of the upcoming uncertain future.

Direction: Onionlab and Xavi Bové
Artistic Direction: Xavi Bové and Onionlab
Music Composition: Zinkman
Content Creation: Onionlab y Xavi Bové

Onionlab Crew
Direction: Jordi Pont
Technical direction: Jordi Pont
Light Programming: Guillermo Patiño, Albert Ribalta and Santiago Morrison
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova and Neith Sentis