SVD – Onionlab


On February 2019, SVD (Si Vas Descalzo) organized a launch party for their new mobile app. Onionlab was the one coordinating the event and setting the light and laser installations to establish the party's vibe.

The Convent dels Àngels (Barcelona, Spain) was a perfect venue that inspired our light installations.
Starting at the Forum with a laser pool, then moving to the Capella area with LED bars and sharpie lights accompanied by DJ Louisahhh and DJ Benji B.

Finally, an elastic bands’ installation at the Capella Renaixentista created an overall eclectic atmosphere.


Art Direction: Onionlab
Event Coordination: Onionlab
Content Creation: Onionlab
DJs: Louisahh y Benji B
Communication Agency: XXL Comunicación
Aftermovie: Any Day Films

Onionlab crew
Direction: Aleix Fernández
Compositing: Gerard Rubio, Ruben Carrillo
Producer: Mariana Torres
Elastic band’s Installation: Caja Negra
Light provider: Moonlight
Laser provider: Tecnoradio