Mare Natura – Onionlab

Mare Natura

“Mare Natura” states an apology to the natural resources of the planet. A dialogue between the elements of the "Cascada Monumental" at the "Parc de la Ciutadella" (Barcelona): water, vegetation, architecture and sculpture.

The show’s narrative is based on music, which creates a choreography of water and lights .
These elements are lead by a luminous metronome, which serves as a starting point of this synchronized dance.


Direction: Jordi Pont (Onionlab)
Artistic Direction: Jordi Pont (Onionlab) and Xavi Bové
Musical Composer: Zinkman
Content Creation: Onionlab

Onionlab crew
Direction: Jordi Pont
Technical direction: Jordi Pont and Marcel Bagó
Artistic Direction: Jordi Pont
3D Artists: Santiago Morrison
Programming: Santiago Morrison
Compositing: Jorge García
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova