Menasa – Onionlab


The creative direction and executive production of the audiovisual content for Menasa Emirati Design Platform in relation to Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Dubai Expo 2020 Design and Crafts Program has launched a design platform to showcase more than 40 local and international designers. It aims to transport us, through different stories, to the techniques and products of UAE design and craftsmanship. A collaboration between the production company Mañana and Onionlab, thanks to exclusive collections curated by Samer Yamani.

The initiative aims to highlight innovations in contemporary design, along with the use of traditional Emirati techniques and materials. These procedures are showcased through 40 audiovisual pieces, including 3D animations and short documentaries, which document part of the collaborative process and will be exhibited in the space.

Onionlab has created the 3D audiovisuals which reflect, in a dreamlike space, the traditional techniques used: Safeefa (palm leaf weaving), the Talli (embroidery), the Sadu (Bedouin weaving) or the Gargour (fish traps made of wire) among others.

To create the short documentaries that are exhibited alongside the products, we collaborated with Mañana. These videos serve to give context to the pieces within the store and generate a relationship between the actual products and their history.

The collaboration has also resulted in documentary portraits for each of the designers who will be presenting their collections in the “Designer of the Week” area.

Among the UAE designers are Alia Bin Omair, Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, Bil Arabi, Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council, Ammar Kalo, Khalid Shafar and Tashkeel. And international designers and design brands include Estudio Campana (Brazil), Klove Studio (India), and Nicolas Jebran (Lebanon), BD Barcelona Design (Spain) and Iwan Maktabi (Lebanon).

MENASA – Emirati Design Platform will be open daily for the duration of Dubai Expo 2020, from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Client:  Menasa, Craft & Design Emirati Design Platform
Curator & Creative Director Menasa: Samer Yemani
Menasa audiovisual project creative direction: Onionlab + Mañana
Produced by: Onionlab + Mañana
Creative direction: Aleix Fernandez (Onionlab), Albert Estruch (Mañana)
Executive production: Aleix Fernandez (Onionlab), Martí Torrebadella (Mañana)
Crafts stories, documentary, and designer of the week director: Guillem Cruells (Mañana)
Crafts stories, documentary, and designer of the week photo director: Pol Camprubí (Mañana)
3D Artists: Miquel Donat / Luís de la Barrera / Edu torres
Producers: Agatha Bert (Mañana) / Sandra Salillas (Onionlab) / Aina Mesquida (Onionlab) / Angie Quintana (Mañana)
Designer: Berta González Díaz (Onionlab)
Compositing: Guillermo Patiño (Onionlab)