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Sala 5

Innovation and tradition come together in Sala 5, an installation for the exhibition The Language of Flavour held at the Spanish Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015.

The Language of Flavour is based on three main pillars: a successful chain of food production, the quality and diversity of our diet and cuisine, and sustainable agriculture and farming as a tool to preserve the landscape, heritage and development of alternative models of tourism.

The pavilion presented to the world Spain’s strengths and unique qualities, based on the main topics of Expo Milano 2015, with a creative and surprising range of activities focused on the senses.

Understanding the visit to the pavilion as a journey where the cook takes notes inspired by the landscapes, history, people, the vanguards etc.

Sala 5 is an ode to hospitality and gastronomic ritual celebration where a family have a meal all together in a table.