Superar – Onionlab


Superar is a 3D mapping and light installation that originated during the first lockdown we suffered due to Covid-19. 

Inspired by Italian psychologist’ words, Francesca Morrelli: “The universe has its way of restoring things to equilibrium according to its own laws, when they are altered”, made us think about the moment we had to live. 

In a time when the entire world had to stop, we had the privilege to observe how nature enjoyed having a break from us. 

With less pollution, the air quality in the cities improved exponentially and it felt like the perfect moment to start working on this Plan B, we always hear talking about. 

In this installation lights are used to represent all the damage caused by humans to the environment and video shows a historic journey since the creation of planet earth.  

The power of nature is evidenced but also interrupted by the human’s intrusion, the boom of civilization and the abuse of natural resources, causing the decline of the ecosystem. 

With spotlights we simulate a virus disease infecting planet’s earth, making a comparison to the Coronavirus situation. 

The chaos caused by climate change and human activity gets interrupted by a moment of realisation, when technology is presented as one of the solutions that can help us fix our problems and reconnect with nature.

Finally, in this piece the result is positive and hopeful with the rebirth of a new world where humanity and nature finally coexist thanks to the realisation that we can do things differently this time, without having to hurt or damage the environment. 

Produced and Directed by Onionlab
Onionlab Crew
Art & Technical Direction: Jordi Pont
Producer: Tamara Sefcovicova, Neith Sentis
3D Artist: Santiago Morrison, Federico Morrison
Light Programming: Federico Morrison
Music and Sound Design: Unai Lazcano

Comissioned by Martin Pošta

Thanks to:
Tomáš Vondráček
Mario Kunovski
Matej Vlasanek
MareMarek Šilpoch
Roman Dušek
Stefan Motika
And all the Signal Festival crew involved