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Image & Music

Music is a source of inspiration for us, and it is often the starting point of our work. VR (virtual reality) experiences, projection mapping, stage design and music videos are some of the formats through which we relate to music. Combining these elements we have managed to create all sorts of installations that inspired, suprised and amazed the spectators.


A poetic journey into the heart of a city by collecting data from the urban zone and converting it into a real-time kinetic simulation.


Superar is an installation of 3D mapping and lights that reflects on the environment and the impact we humans have on our surroundings.

Paradoxa VR

Paradoxa is a VR video about time travel. It portrays a journey showing different elements from the past, present and our idea of the future.

Phasing Rain

Phasing Rain is an immersive installation about global warming created by Onionlab and Xavi Bove, with sound design and music by Zinkman.

Time Rhythm

An installation on the Anderson Bridge, part of the 8th edition of I Light Singapore festival .

Lumin AV

An installation made for Llum BCN 2019 festival. A study about light that researches the behaviour and coexistence of different types of light sources in the same space.


An installation that revolves around the concept of roots and how they influenced our own movements, searching for light and creating their own rhythm.

Brots de Memòria

Brots de Memòria is an artistic installation to commemorate 80 years of the bombing of Barcelona, an allegory to peace and freedom using light and sound.


Transfiguració de la nau is an immersive show that transformed the space of the cathedral of Girona through the hypnotic interplay of lights and music.

Protected: Montjuic de Nit

Set design, light design and visuals for Sónar Festival and the Townhall of Barcelona.