WOW Concept Store – Onionlab

WOW Concept Store

In this new project in collaboration with External Reference, the physical and digital world come together to reinvent the idea of retail.

The future of shopping won’t be only oriented towards the purchase of the product, but it will focus on the in-store experience as a sensorial perception of the brand.

While e-commerce is becoming predominant in our daily life, physical shops are destined to become the theater of the brand by creating an experience that goes beyond the product.

This multi-floor shop was conceived as a large theatrical stage, where space design and digital art come together to tell a story, to create an aesthetic and to shape an experience in the head of the customers.

The idea is to turn traditional retail into a unique immersive experience that manages to change the perspective of shopping.

Retail spaces can be a perfect canvas for digital art. With new technologies such as projection mapping or interactive elements we are able to generate storytelling and to allow better positioning for brands.

We managed to generate an immersive experience in the center of Madrid adding modern touches to the elegant aesthetic of a classical building.

Onionlab Crew
Director: Jordi Pont, Aleix Fernandez
Producer: Sandra Pohl, Aina Mesquida
3D artists and designers: Berta González, Miquel Donat,
Adam Alsina, Jorge Rivera, Santiago Morrison
Sound design:  Unai Lazcano
Recording: Miguel Guzmán
Photography: External Reference