Onionlab – 3D mapping, virtual reality (VR) and audiovisual shows

We are Onionlab, a multidisciplinary studio that directs and produces audiovisual installations and exhibitions. We work at the intersection of art, design and technology. Based in Barcelona, working worldwide.

The basis

We create audiovisual shows and interactive experiences for companies that want to be related to technology, design and art

Our path

Starting from graphic concepts and detailed ideas, we get lost in the development and find ourselves again at the resolution.

Design by numbers and music

Our works are based on the aesthetic attention to detail and the technical innovation.

Research and improvement

We are interested in learning from each project, that’s why we invest many hours in research.

3D Mapping

We are constantly developing new concepts and approaches to push the boundaries of the 3D mapping technique.

El Prado

We make use of optical illusions to transform inert facades into something organic and create an immersive visual journey.


We metamorphose the appearance of emblematic monuments such as the Pantheon.


Combining space and content can create a very specific atmosphere like these series of light installations we designed for the SVD launch party.

FIE 105

We have extensive experience in creating high-level events.

Towards Biology

Our installations, such as Towards Biology are based on a narrative.

Sala 5

We always have fun creating content for pavilions and exhibitions.


We are very inspired by music which often becomes the origin of our pieces.

Lumin AV

We can also mention Lumin AV: projections on a large screen, mobile lights and LEDs, accompanied by music and perfectly synchronised.

Time Rhythm

Technological challenges, such as Time Rhythm, motivate us: 400 LED digital light bars, pixel mapping and 25 movable heads, synchronized with the music. This is Time Rhythm.