Onionlab – 3D mapping, virtual reality (VR) and audiovisual shows

We specialize in projection mapping, VR and audiovisual content for festivals, exhibitions and music. Based in Barcelona, working worldwide.

The basis

We design installations, audiovisuals and interactive experiences for institutions that seek to be related to technology, design and art.

Our path

Starting with graphic concepts and detailed ideas, we get lost in the development and find ourselves again in the resolution.

Design and innovation

Our work is based on aesthetic attention to detail and technical innovation.

Research and progress

We are interested in learning from every project; that's why we spend many hours on research.

3D Mapping

We develop new concepts and approaches to take the 3D mapping technique further.


We use optical illusions to transform inert spaces into something organic, creating an immersive visual journey.


We can also transform the appearance of emblematic buildings such as the Roman Pantheon.


We have extensive experience creating audio-visual and interactive content for exhibitions and events.

Spanish Pavilion

Through technology and environmental awareness we generated the Spanish pavilion at the Expo Dubai 2020.

Desigual Sonar

Our exhibitions and installations always have a message and a narrative behind them.


We design audio-visuals for shops combining technology and art to generate a sense of absolute immersion.

Presented by Doha

Technology to create spaces where a memorable experience is generated.

Presented By Dubai

We create audio-visual content for new spaces presenting products in an innovative way.

Image & Music

Music inspires us and often becomes the source of our projects.


We turn city data into a spectacle of light and sound to impress and raise awareness of our environment.

Phasing Rain

Technological challenges, such as Phasing Rain, motivate us to continue creating and researching.