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Projection Mapping

3D mapping or projection mapping is a technique that consists of adapting images to project them onto real surfaces, such as volumetric objects and façades.

This adaptation or mapping of images generates an optical illusion that transforms the fusion between the projected image and real surface into a new object that appears to be real. The surfaces then become a canvas, with graphics being projected onto a surface, playing off of the surface’s shape and textures to create a delightful experience of light and illusion.

The traditional projection mapping is applied to façades of buildings, usually used during opening ceremonies at big events, such as El Prado, 3D projection mapping that formed a part of the show “Museo del Prado: Un lugar de memoria y futuro” to celebrate the 200 anniversary of the National Museum of El Prado.

El Prado

The results of projection mapping are always spectacular, as in the case of Diplopia, a mapping presented at GLOW Festival, in Amsterdam. Diplopia is a stereoscopic piece that revolves around the concept of binocular vision. This mapping was adapted several times at various festivals such as: Light Festival of Girona (Spain), 2015, Solid Light Festival, Rome, 2018, Klanglicht Festival, Graz (Austria), 2018.

Another one of our mapping is Evolució, a piece that was first presented at the Mapping Festival of Geneva and was projected onto the façade of the Museum of Art and History. It was also adapted for the Signal Festival, Prague in 2015.

3D mapping projected onto the façade of the Santa Ludmila Church in Prague.

When projection mapping first started, it was limited to flat walls. Today, companies like Onionlab that use this technique can think far bigger and more creatively. They’re no longer limited to structures or specific materials. Projection mapping could also be applied to different surfaces of interior places such as shops, restaurants and different venue buildings.

One of the examples of modern use of video mapping is our project, Presented By. To create this extraordinary experiential space at Level’s Shoes store at The Dubai Mall, we used projection mapping on the sculptured walls and floors to enhance the experience.

At Sonar +D Festival in 2019 we presented an interactive installation, DesigualinBeta, where a projection mapping played a huge role. We projected on a large canvas that reflected the audience’s actions and movements, generating light, colour and sound through the movements, behaviour, and interactions between the participants.

Projection mapping can also be used on indoor exhibitions, such as the work we created with our Sala 5 project. In this case, the mapping was projected onto hundreds of dishes that covered the walls and ceiling of the room where the mapping was to be projected.

Sala 5