Lush – Onionlab


An immersive and interactive installation with LED lights for the cosmetic Lush spa in Tokyo. We created a space to free the visitor’s imagination and creativity with the change of light colours.

In Lush spa we designed the technology to translate movement into an interactive reaction, distributed the LED bars on the ceiling and walls of the spa area offering the users a personalized and unique immersive experience. This installation is a journey of different vivid colour combinations to connect with the visitors’ moods, allowing them to realize how they would like to feel at that moment and therefore, help them choose the cosmetic treatments that suit their needs.

The escalator on the third floor takes us to the spa. When on the escalator you find yourself surrounded by unmissable LED visuals that lead you to the spa floor and invite you to step inside. Entering the spa floor is almost like stepping into a different world. Our objective was to create a colourful journey that enhances our feelings. We managed to turn this experience into something personal, pleasant and relaxing.

Onionlab crew
Art Direction: Aleix Fernandez
Content Creation: Aleix Fernandez
Programming: Urbez Capablo
Graphic Designer: Berta Gonzalez
Sound design: uunnoo_lab
Producer: Neith Sentis and Laia Alabart