Paradoxa – Onionlab


Paradoxa is a 3D mapping playing with the concept of time-travelling. It was a part of this year´s edition of Solid Light Festival in Rome projected on Palazzo Eni building.

Ontological paradoxes are situations that happen when travelling in time, causing contradictions. The predestination paradox occurs when a time traveller is trapped in a loop of events that predestines him to keep travelling in time. Paradoxa is a time journey that allows us to see and experience different moments in time, projected on a building facade. It´s a time loop without beginning and end, where we are transported to the past, present, future and beyond. It shows us an uncertain future. Paradoxa mapping is divided in 3 different moments that keep repeating and adding variations at the same time and sound will enhance these moments.

Time travelling has always been a fascinating topic either as a storyline resource in science fiction, a logical puzzle or as a subject of study in physics and philosophy. The building will be transformed by time jumps that will help us to imagine how our future would be. We want the audience to ask themselves the following questions: Could we modify our future with our present questions? Could we change our present by travelling to the past? Could we stop existing if we changed our past?

Produced and Directed by Onionlab Technical

Direction: Onionlab

Onionlab Crew:
Direction: Jordi Pont Technical
Direction: Jordi Pont
Producer: Neith Sentis
3D Artists: Adam Alsina, Santiago Morrison and Albert Ribalta
Graphic Design: Berta Godi y Massimiliano Iob
Music and sound design: uunnoo_lab