Presented By Riyadh – Onionlab

Presented By Riyadh

In a new collaboration with External Reference, thanks to a mix of technology and art, we applied natural elements to create an immersive retail experience for the new Presented by shop.

We created a set of visuals suitable for projection mapping and led screens, achieving a marine effect throughout the shop, a visual experience that presents the products in a unique way.

As we move through the space, we can interact with the floor, which generates caustic shapes as we walk.

Throughout the retail space, a set of effects and visuals are placed to generate the look and feel of different forms of water. Marine blue colors predominate, giving a fresh and comfortable sensation

We have made a digital space representation of aquatic elements. The interactive floor represents simulations of caustics, this interpretation of water is also on the walls showing how different waterfalls or fountains fall on the floor.

As we have already done in other Presented by shops, we reinterpreted elements of nature to design a digital and sophisticated space.

The final result is a bold piece of work carried out by a great team:
Content, digital lighting and interactive floor: Onionlab
Architectural Design: External Reference
Av engineering: Lloc Audiovisuals
Space construction: Oxido Taller
3D Printing: Noumena 3D

Onionlab Crew
Director: Jordi Pont / Aleix Fernandez
Producer: Laia Alabart
3D artist/2D composing: Miquel Donat
Interactive floor programming: Urbez Capablo
LED Light animations: Federico Morrison, Jorge Ribera