Totogi Immersive Space – Onionlab

Totogi Immersive Space

Onionlab created an immersive 360-degree video for the Cloud City stand at the Mobile World Congress 2021, in collaboration with Landscapes art agency.

The video, projected on the four walls and the floor of a 215m2 room that was located in the stand, created a truly immersive audiovisual experience for the visitors. 

Visitors of the Mobile World Congress Barcelona could access the immersive room and find themselves surrounded by the visuals that showed the characteristics of the Totogi application and the Public Cloud.

The projection combined visual effects such as mapping and particles, created with X-Particles and Notch along with footage and texts that synthesized the innovation that the Public Cloud offered to telecommunication operators. 

The projection was carried out with the Modulo Pi media player and with 16 projectors of 14,000 lumens. 

Onionlab crew
Director: Jordi Pont
Producer: Laia Alabart
3D Artists: Rogelio Magaña, Santiago Morrison, Aris Serrallonga
Colorist: Fabián Matas
Music and sound design: Unai Lazcano (uunnoo_lab)
Photos and videos: Noah-Siro Castañeda